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Candidates must demonstrate real world mobile forensics skills
Exam candidates should be proficient with mobile forensics process, iOS and Android forensics as well as analysis of other mobile platforms
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Exam Fees
Flat fee of $499 per exam
On-site proctored exams are $399 per voucher
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Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner (CMFE)

The CMFE certification provides professionals with an objective measure of competence as well as a recognizable standard of achievement. The CMFE certification encompasses the following domains:

  • Mobile Forensics Process
  • Android Forensics
  • iOS Forensics
  • Windows Phones
  • Feature Phone Forensics

The exam is comprised of 75 randomly selected questions and is two hours in length.

      Why Certify?
      Skilled information assurance professionals are the most important piece in the information security puzzle. Candidates that achieve a certification that requires proficiency beyond book knowledge is a valuable method of differentiating skill levels of information assurance professionals.

      Benefits of IACRB certification to the Professional:
      • Demonstrates theoretical knowledge of information assurance.
      • Confirms commitment to information assurance profession.
      • Serves as a differentiator in the highly competitive information security job market.
      • Provides access to a network of certified individuals.

    Benefits of IACRB certification to the Employers:
    • Establishes a base-line skill level requirement for highly technical positions.
    • Ensures that individuals have required hands-on skills to perform on the job.
    • Access to a network of subject matter experts.

    Registered Training Providers for the CMFE are:

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